Getting Certified

Before you can begin to scuba dive, you need the proper training to keep you safe and help you enjoy your experience. Unfortunately, Scuba Club does not have the resources to certify divers. However, there are several places in town that can.


As a class through the university.

Recsports offers scuba classes through A&M. Check out the courses, listed as a KINE 199 SCUBA I and II. In order to become a certified diver, you must complete the check out dives following the completion of the class.

Via a two week course at the rec

There is a two week long aquatics class taught at the rec ending in a weekend long check out dive that can certify divers. Check out the course listing  at Sign up for the class at the member services desk in the rec.

Your local dive shop

Most large towns have a dive shop. A simple google search can usually find it.


Divers who are already certified can enjoy continuing education almost any dive center. Advanced, rescue, nitrox, and master diver certifications are a great way to keep safe and enjoy diving for years to come.